Activist, officials in Facebook feud

MILFORD – Ongo­ing conflicts over the Brox property spilled onto social media re­cently after a resident complained about "an unpleasant encounter" with Suzanne Fournier when she tried to take her two-year-old son for a ride on a battery-operated vehicle on the town-owned land.

Fournier is the leader of a group called Brox Environmental Citizens, which has been trying to block development of the property. Motorized vehicles are not allowed there, and in her posting on the Milford, NH Resi­dents Facebook page, Jenni Lee, the mother, said Fournier harassed her about bringing the Power Wheels to the property.

Three town officials responded on the web­site with their own com­plaints about Fournier

Planning board mem­ber and former selectman Tim Finan wrote that "Su­zanne has been harassing town officials, local de­velopers and (as we now know) random citizens simply trying to use our land … She will be trying to block any and all devel­opment or use."

Janet Langdell, plan­ning board vice chair­woman, wrote that "citi­zens would be appalled by the number of hours and dollars that the town and boards have had to ex­pend on dealing with her and this mystery group she purports to represent."

In a long posting, Bill Parker, the town’s commu­nity development director and a Milford resident, thanked posters for taking a stand.

"We have been waiting for some situation to bring the actions of this organi­zation’s leadership out in the open and expose its misdirected efforts," he wrote, calling Fournier the "self-appointed coor­dinator of a small, yet vo­cal environmental group that has no authority to tell people what they can do on the property" and whose "communications are filled with untruths and information deliber­ately taken out of context."

Fournier, he said, has spent the past three-plus years "lodging repeated right-to-know requests, filing complaints with the NH Department of Environmental Services, usurping valuable staff time (at a time when al­ready minimal staff is being cut) and harassing her direct neighbors with fraudulent zoning com­plaints."

Asked to comment on the Facebook postings, Fournier, in an email, called them inappropriate.

"The FB posts cannot justify these town employ­ees and officials jumping in with their own backlog of criticism and lash out as they did in such a bi­ased and unprofessional way.

"They assumed that what they were reading was true, without check­ing for facts," she wrote, and it is "shameful that any town employee or board member would complain about a citizen using the right-to-know law for its intended pur­poses," she said.

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