Local river tests results released

Warmer temperatures and lower flows in the Souhegan and Merrimack Rivers are producing gen­erally expected seasonal E. coli readings in both riv­ers, according to the latest test done by the Souhegan Watershed Association.

The Merrimack River tested clean for E. coli bacteria throughout the testing range, between Manchester and Tyngs­borough. None of the 12 sites tested along the riv­er exceeded the level for swimming beaches.

The Souhegan is a smaller river and reflects pollution more quickly. The upper stretch of the river tested OK as far as Wilton, but from Wilton through Milford and Am­herst, E. coli counts were in the 200 range. This is well above the 88 limit re­quired for clean beaches, and swimmers are advised to stay out of the water in this stretch until counts come down. Most of the known swimming holes on the Souhegan tested OK; the only one not meet­ing the requirement was the Amherst Canoeport on Boston Post Road. The count here was 210. The Horseshoe in Wilton, In­dian Ledges, Turkey Hill, and Watson Park all had acceptable levels.

SWA volunteers collect water samples every two weeks and deliver them to wastewater treatment plants, where certified labs process samples. The last scheduled test for this season is Sept. 8. Results will be available at www. souheganriver.org.

E-coli results for tests taken Aug. 25

Souhegan River sites:

Billy Ward Pond, Ash­burnham #1 2.0, #2 1.0

SoR 333 Water Loom Pond, New Ipswich 6.3

SoR 320 Highbridge, New Ipswich 70.3

SoR 309 Above Green­ville Mill Pond, Green­ville 151.5

SoR 296 Downtown Greenville upstream of WWTP 76.7

SoR 291 Green Bridge off Rte 31 below Green­ville WWTP 127.4

SoR 218 Below the Horseshoe, Wilton 71.2

SoR 210 Downtown Wil­ton NA

SoR 201 Pine Valley Mill, West Milford NA

SoR 170 Behind Hayward Field, West Milford NA

SoR 155 Souhegan Val­ley Boys and Girls Club, Milford 613.1

SoR 146 Swing Bridge, Milford 272.3

SoR 133 Riverside Cem­etery, Milford 127.4

SoR 130 Behind Lorden Plaza, Milford NA

SoR 122 Amherst Coun­try Club 235.9

SoR 116 Amherst Con­servation land Fairway Road, Amherst NA

SoR 095 Boston Post Road Canoeport, Amherst 209.8

Sor 070 Seaverns Bridge, Merrimack 290.9

SoR 057 Indian Ledges, Merrimack 122.3

SoR 034 Turkey Hill Bridge, Merrimack 77.6

SoR 001 Watson Park, DW Hwy, Merrimack 32.3

Merrimack River sites:

1. Mer 600 Above Amo­skeag Dam, Manchester 10.8

2. Mer 590 Arms Park, Manchester 52.0

3. Mer 570 Goffs Falls, Litchfield 60.9

4. Mer 560 Depot Street, Merrimack NA

5. Mer 550 Upstream of Souhegan River, Merri­mack 31.3

6. Mer 540 Thorntons Ferry, Merrimack 24.6

7. Mer 530 Greeley Park, Nashua 19.9

8. Mer 520 Taylors Falls Bridge, Nashua 13.4

9. Mer 510 Sagamore Bridge, Hudson 17.1

10. Mer 500 Pheasant Lane Mall, Hudson NA

11. Mer 490 Upstream of Tyngsboro Bridge NA