Wilton ambulance service has new name

WILTON – The Wilton- Lyndeborough Volunteer Ambulance Rescue As­sociation was formed in 1974 as a non-profit with a board of directors. Over the years, standards and regulations changed.

About eight years ago, the service became a de­partment of the Town of Wilton so the town could provide required insur­ance including workmen’s compensation. The Board of Directors remained, however, since they own the ambulance bay on Route 31. They also re­ceive and manage con­tributions to the service from grateful residents and from fundraisers.

Such money is used for items not in the budget, such as a television for the station and blankets since in bad weather per­sonnel tend to stay there over night.

Former Selectman Dan Donovan, one of the town’s representatives to the Board of Directors, met with the Selectmen on Monday, Aug. 31, and said some legal problems had been uncovered.

The service’s 501c(3) non-profit status has lapsed and they are working with the IRS to reinstate it, he said. The original corporation was also defunct as far as the state was concerned.

"It’s dead," Donovan said, and in looking at the legal status, it was de­cided to start over.

It is now incorporat­ed as Wilton-Temple- Lyndeborough Ambu­lance Association, Inc.

The new board of di­rectors will consist of nine people, three se­lectman, one from each town, three citizens, one from each town, and three employees of the service. The directors have no role in the actual working of the service which is under Director Gary Zirpolo.

Expenses are appor­tioned according to popu­lation, currently Wilton is 55 percent, Lyndebor­ough 25 percent and Tem­ple 20 percent. Lynde­borough and Temple are under contract.

The new board will take over in mid- September. Donovan was reappointed the board and Selectman Bill Con­dra was named select­men’s representative.