DAR contest for fourth-graders

New Hampshire Gov. Maggie Hassan has signed a proclamation declaring December as Harriet Pa­tience Dame Month, call­ing upon all residents of the state to "emulate Miss Dame’s spirit of service and patriotism."

To that end, the New Hampshire Daughters of the American Revolu­tion will offer the Harriet Patience Dame Contest for all New Hampshire fourth-graders. The con­test is open to students and classrooms of public, private, parochial and home schools.

The contest is particu­larly well suited to the fourth-grade level, when curriculum highlights the study of New Hamp­shire. While students at this grade level will learn about notable New Hampshire figures in the course of their studies, this Civil War heroine is often overlooked.

Hassan’s proclamation is particularly important, given that 2015 marks the 200th anniversary of Dame’s birth.

To enter, classes or stu­dents participate in the activity of their choice that will best help them learn about Dame. Once the activity is completed, the classroom will submit the contest form and is be entered into a random drawing.

The winner of the drawing will be awarded a performance by Lorrie O’Connor, a living history re-enactor, who will ap­pear in the character of Miss Dame.

The entry form must be received by Saturday, Dec. 19. The date and time for the re-enactment will be determined by O’Connor and the winner.

For ideas for activi­ties, more information, contest rules and an entry form, visit face­book.com/groups/new hampshireDAR or email Mrs. Gagnon at randp gagnon@myfairpoint.net.