Local business climate is sun

A profile of the two towns in the Amherst and Milford Business Reten­tion and Expansion Pro­gram report shows that Milford’s population grew faster than Amherst’s, 4 percent compared with nearly 12 percent, from 2000-10. That trend is ex­pected to continue.

By 2040, Amherst is ex­pected to have only 6.45 percent more people, about 11,973, while Mil­ford is estimated to grow by 12.59 percent, up to 17,292.

Both towns show an ag­ing population, with 12 percent of Amherst resi­dents and 11.88 percent of Milford residents be­ing 65 and older. Only 6 percent of Amherst and 11 percent of Milford res­idents are 25-34.

Both communities have a well-educated popula­tion, with nearly every­one having a high school diploma; 24 percent of Amherst residents and more than 11 percent of Milford residents having graduate or professional degrees.