Local Subway owners support veterans

AMHERST – Alan Tang and Morgan Cram, owners of three Subway restau­rants in Amherst and Mil­ford, were honored by the New Hampshire Employer Support for the Guard and Reserve for their roles in promoting the hiring of veterans as well as a fun­draising campaign to sup­port veteran issues.

The signing ceremony involves employers sign­ing a statement of sup­port, which bears the seals of the United States military reserve compo­nents. It is signed by Paul Mock, national chairman of ESGR, and Ash Carter, Secretary of Defense.

Tang and Cram join em­ployers in pledging:

  • They will fully recog­nize, honor and enforce the Uniformed Services Employment and Re-em­ployment Rights.
  • Their managers and supervisors will have the tools they need to effec­tively manage those em­ployees who serve in the Guard and Reserve.
  • They will continually recognize and support the country’s service mem­bers and their families in peace, in crises and in war.

Tang is a member of the board of advertis­ing for New Hampshire Subway owners and was integral in promoting the current fundraiser at all New England Subways to raise funds for the Easter Seals’ Military and Veter­ans Services program.

"After meeting Jim Goss, one of ESGR’s vol­unteer coordinators, at a Souhegan Valley Cham­ber of Commerce event, Morgan and I knew that we wanted to ask our fel­low Subways to get in­volved with veterans is­sues," Tang said.

Cram, Tang’s wife and business partner, added, "We feel great about this program. Alan and I both have grandfathers that fought in wars and we have family members who are in the military. We are so proud to participate."

The Subways have raised about $24,000 for Veterans Count and hope to raise another $10,000 before the program ends Oct. 31