Cumberland Farms in Milford set to expand

MILFORD – For lovers of Big A’s buffalo chicken pizza, it could be bad news.

For Cumberland Farms’ customers, it’s probably good news.

The convenience store/ gas station near the Mil­ford Oval, at 142 Nashua St., is planning a major ex­pansion and renovation.

Plans call for the store to close Monday, Nov. 30, and reopen 50 or 60 days later, store manager Tina Rochford said.

The expansion will ex­tend into Big A Pizza’s space, as well as the space most recently used by a dry cleaner. Rochford said the storefront at the other end of the plaza will likely be rented out.

Old-timers will remem­ber the easternmost space was the original location of Humble Pie, now Papa Joe’s Humble Kitchen on South Street.

Big A’s owner Driss (cus­tomers call him "Chris") Raji said last week that he was evicted, and that his last day there would be Oct. 24. He said he planned to move his ovens and other equipment into storage while he looks for a new location.

The renovated Cumber­land Farms is expected to resemble the new-style store that opened across from Lorden Plaza at 583 Nashua St. At 4,500 square feet it is signifi­cantly bigger than the one near the Oval.

There are now about 50 Cumberland Farms in New Hampshire, and 726 stores in 11 states, mostly in New England. In recent years, the Rhode Island-based company has built or remodeled more than 53 "new concept stores."

Its revenue in 2014 was reported to be $16 billion.

Raji lives in Nashua, and came here from Mo­rocco by way of New Jersey 15 years ago. He moved to New Hampshire after his sister moved to the state, and he said he bought the restaurant from a man called "Big Anthony" for $65,000. He said he has no help and typically worked 12 hours a day seven days a week.

Raji said he is grateful to his loyal customers.

"I will do everything I can to open another res­taurant nearby," he said.