Talk on teen alcohol, drug use set

CAST to host presentation at Milford High School on Jan. 20

MILFORD – Milford School District and Com­munity Action for Safe Teens will host "High and Seek: Early Detection of Teen Use" from 6-8 p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 20, at Milford High School.

This interactive presen­tation by Melissa Fernald, of Safe Surroundings NE, is designed to help em­power parents and edu­cators by promoting early detection of alcohol and drug use by preteens and teenagers and identifying techniques of effectively communicating with teens on this important topic.

The highlight of "High and Seek" is a staged teenage bedroom with more than 70 items that may indicate involve­ment in high-risk behav­iors such as underage drinking and substance abuse. Attendees are en­couraged to explore and interact with the mock bedroom before receiv­ing a presentation re­garding the latest drug and alcohol trends, an overview of slang terms and paraphernalia, as­pects of addiction and a discussion on techniques for effectively communi­cating with teens.

This is a free presen­tation for ages 21 and older from Milford and surrounding communi­ties. All parents, teach­ers, staff and community members are encouraged to attend.

The snow date is Jan. 21.