Singer-songwriter series to be held in Milford

MILFORD – Louis Gen­dron wants to provide something different for people in the region.

On Sunday, Jan. 31, the Union Coffee House will hold a performance in the NH Sunday Acoustic Sing­er Songwriter Series put on by Gendron, record la­bel consultant and artist manager. With some help from his friend Pat Holt, who runs a similar gig at the Round Room Coffee House in Mont Vernon, the two will put on a show different from the usual atmosphere.

Holt runs more of an open-mic type of series, where multiple people are allowed to perform and show their own work.

The singer-songwriter series will showcase one particular artist for the entire evening.

The shows will be once a month on Sunday morn­ings or early afternoon.

"Most live shows are on Friday and Saturday nights," Gendron said. "A lot of people want to go out and see live music, but don’t necessarily want to go out and do the bar or club scene."

Most shows will be from 11 a.m-1 p.m. in order to allow customers to eat breakfast and run some errands before they ar­rive, but still have time to eat lunch and get on with their day afterward.

The series began in the fall consisting of about three shows, including a sold-out performance with Charlie Farren of the Joe Perry Project.

Marina Evans will be the first guest for the se­ries in 2016. Evans splits her time touring Italy and Boston.

Gendron typically chooses artists that he knows or is a particular fan of to come and per­form. He and Holt try to find strong artists to at­tract a large crowd.

Ticket prices are cheap­er for advance sales and typically a bit higher when purchased at the door.

The proceeds from the ticket money go to putting the show on and getting the artists to come out and perform. The shows are generally pretty small – no more than around 50 people. Gendron said he wants to provide the lis­teners with an "intimate storytellers listening room vibe."

Gendron does not know if every performance will be held at the Union Cof­fee House, but he hopes they receive a large turn­out because without sup­port from the people, they cannot continue with the shows. He said he hopes the series will provide something unique to the Souhegan Valley.

Jenna Lotti will be per­forming on Feb. 28.

For more information, visit or follow the series on Twitter at @nhsasss.

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