Complaints filed by neighbors against farm

> LYNDEBOROUGH – Abandoned vehicles, an illegal camper, the re­mains of a former port-a-potty business and inad­equate fences – neighbors of Larry Boisvert’s Feel Good Farm brought a laundry list of complaints to the Board of Selectmen on Jan. 20.

And not for the first time.

The half-dozen abutters to the property on John­son’s Corner Road chose David Roemer as their spokesman, and select­men said they would con­tact him when they have determined what course to follow in investigating the complaints, at least with an update in 30 days.

Roemer said they had three concerns: what ap­pears to be a growing junkyard in a field be­tween the house and the road, a camper in a field that appears to be occu­pied and the port-a-potty business, which was or­dered closed in 2002.

Roemer presented two pictures of the property taken from the road the previous weekend and two aerial views taken from Google Maps. He not­ed that the aerial views show a blue tarp on the house, placed there after a fire a year ago, making them fairly recent.

"We believe there are town ordinances against this," Roemer said, re­ferring to the abandoned cars and the camping.

Other residents com­mented on fences that do not corral the herd of horses, leaving them free to wander at will, fre­quently in the road. They cited it as a safety hazard, and as an accident waiting to happen. Although they questioned the health of the horses, selectmen said that was a separate issue.

"You’ve brought a lot be­fore us," Selectman Chair­man Fred Douglas said. "If we look into it thor­oughly, and do this right, it will take some time."

Selectman Mark Schultz added, "We really need to digest all this, look at all the records, and then we will get back to you" with­in 30 days.

The town ordinances forbid camping, but there is a camper in the field, Roemer said.

Douglas said the board would review the com­plaint with the town ad­ministrator and the code enforcement officer.

A residence on Lager Lane was also mentioned as having several unreg­istered vehicles, and dur­ing the past weeks, a com­plaint was made against a property on Purgatory Falls Road. That one, se­lectmen said, is being ad­dressed by the owner.

Boisvert has a permit to conduct a paintball course, but neighbors said it runs much later in the evening than allowed, and because the course boundaries are apparent­ly not well marked, play­ers stray onto neighboring land. The course permit was extended last year for five years by the Planning Board. The games begin and stop with the firing of a loud cannon.

Asked if these com­plaints should be ad­dressed by the Planning Board, Roemer said they had gone there in the past and been sent to the selectmen as "the enforc­ing agency." Several said the required parking was never built.

Those previous com­plaints, abutters said, were not addressed by the selectmen and "swept un­der the rug" in spite of the police being called on nu­merous occasions.

Because of the legal is­sues involved, Douglas said all of the records would have to be looked at.

"It has to be done cor­rectly" if it is to stand up, he said.

Boisvert has sued the town over previous ac­tions, attempted to change the zoning in his favor and several times run unsuc­cessfully for selectman.