Hamburger Heaven – Milford burger makes over-the-top list

> The Yahoo Travel website recently named the most unusual hamburgers in every state, and Papa Joe’s Humble Kitchen in Milford is on the list – for its Skip’s Cardiac Burger.

"Destined for your arteries," is how it’s de­scribed, and the "secret" ingredient is sa­lami.

And if that isn’t enough calories and cho­lesterol, there’s also cheddar cheese, jack cheese, bacon and Creole mayonnaise.

The burger was invented by Skip Spaulding, a family friend who did the excavation work when Joe Oneail and his wife, Marcelle, built a restaurant for their new South Street location about 10 years ago.

That’s when they added burgers, fries and ice cream to their menu of heat-and-eat meals and changed the name from Humble Pie to Papa Joe’s Humble Kitchen.

Joe estimates they serve 20 or 30 Car­diac Burgers a week, but he has had only two in the roughly three years it’s been in existence.

And Marcelle? She says she’s only had one bite.

Joe and Marcelle opened Humble Pie in 1999 on Nashua Street selling heat-and-eat meals. Along with son Travis and daugh­ter Kelsey, they make Papa Joe’s Humble Kitchen a family business.

The Oneails like to name their burgers after friends, and when Milford High School won the state basketball championship two years in a row, they invent­ed "The Spartan," which is half price for Milford High students.

Papa Joe’s also serves tra­ditional Canadian poutine – French fries topped with cheese curds, their own gravy and fried pickles.

The restaurant joined other New England burger joints named by the Yahoo Travel web­site for their unusual choices.

In Portland, Maine, there’s the Nosh Kitchen Bar, which uses pizza slabs in place of a bun.

Vermont has the Famous Snowshoe Burger at Snow Show Lodge and Pub in Montgomery. It’s topped with bacon, pineap­ple, blue cheese and Vermont cheddar.

And size counts at the Eagle’s Deli in Brighton, Mass. Burgers go up to a 6 pounds loaded with 24 slices of bacon and 24 slices of cheese.