With record turnout, town gives Kasich, Clinton vote

The results of the New Hampshire primary in the Souhegan Valley lined up with the rest of New Hampshire last Tuesday, with a few notable exceptions.

While the state gave Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump overwhelming victories over their opponents in the first-in-the-nation primary, Sanders’ lead over Hillary Clinton was modest in Amherst. She received about 48 percent of the Democratic vote there, and more than 40 percent in Mont Vernon.

Clinton earned a bit more than 30 percent in Lyndeborough and Wilton, and 33 percent in Milford. On the Republican side, John Kasich, the second-highest Republican vote recipient statewide, came closest to Trump in Amherst, with 24 percent of the vote. Statewide, Kasich got about 16 percent of the GOP vote.

That’s in contrast to Milford, where Trump received 22 percent of the vote and Kasich only 10 percent. Mark Vincent, chairman of the Amherst Republican Committee, said Kasich has appealed to Republicans in Amherst who have "been paying attention" to national politics.

The last time we had a balanced budget, Kasich was part of that, he said. Despite Trump’s big win, he said, "There are a lot of candidates left and a lot of primaries," so it’s too early to guess who will wrap up the nomination. Marco Rubio also did better in Amherst and Mont Vernon than in the other four towns and statewide, coming in third.

Lyndeborough and Milford gave the third-place spot to Jeb Bush. Mont Vernon and Wilton gave third place to Ted Cruz. Turnout was good in all of the towns, and Amherst achieved a record 71 percent, with a total of 6,071 votes cast and 435 new voters registered that day. Milford’s turnout was 58 percent, and Mont Vernon and Lyndeborough each had 68 percent of voters at the polls.

Amherst Donald Trump 925 John Kasich 865 Marco Rubio 407 Jeb Bush 403 Ted Cruz 379 Chris Christie 351 Carly Fiorina 167 Ben Carson 45 Bernie Sanders 1,279 Hillary Clinton 1,139

Lyndeborough Donald Trump 155 John Kasich 82 Jeb Bush 54 Ted Cruz 53 Chris Christie 41 Marco Rubio 31 Carly Fiorina 17 Ben Carson 16 Bernie Sanders 254 Hillary Clinton 113

Milford Donald Trump 1,156 John Kasich 509 Jeb Bush 415 Ted Cruz 413 Marco Rubio 324 Chris Christie 234 Carly Fiorina 169 Ben Carson 84 Bernie Sanders 1,754 Hillary Clinton 880

Mont Vernon Donald Trump 192 John Kasich 116 Ted Cruz 105 Marco Rubio 88 Jeb Bush 74 Chris Christie 65 Carly Fiorina 25 Ben Carson 15 Bernie Sanders 325 Hillary Clinton 223

Wilton Donald Trump 332 John Kasich 129 Ted Cruz 118 Jeb Bush 107 Marco Rubio 84 Chris Christie 70 Carly Fiorina 44 Ben Carson 28 Bernie Sanders 575 Hillary Clinton 264