Bills for Guide at issue

MILFORD – Two Milford companies are wondering why they were billed by an Illinois company for services they never asked for. In August, Souhegan Valley Motor Sports received a past-due invoice from Admosphere Advertising Marketing & Events of East Peoria that claimed the Milford business owed $559 for the 2015 Community Guide. Around the same time, MD Trash Removal received a similar invoice. The Community Guide is an annual publication of The Cabinet that provides basic information about 10 area towns. But The Cabinet never worked with Admosphere and has no knowledge of the company or of the billing. Sean Mullin, of Souhegan Valley Motor Sports, said the family-owned company was billed in August and again in January. The invoice’s purchase order, he said, was one his company never would have used since they only use numerals in their invoices, he said. Admosphere’s purchase order number was "MUSTANG 67." Casey Delage, of MD Trash Removal, also said they received an Admosphere invoice for $400. Cabinet advertising representative Danielle Papoi said when the two companies asked her about the billing, she told them The Cabinet had nothing to do with the invoices and not to pay them. The Illinois company’s website lists Amber Smith as office manager. Reached by phone, Smith said, "The Milford project was pulled a long time ago." She said the company’s accountant "probably didn’t know the project was pulled" when doing the year-end invoices. "The accountant made a mistake," she said, and apologized "for the confusion." Smith also said she spoke with someone from the Chamber of Commerce "a long time ago," about the project, but, "We didn’t sell a lot," she said. The Community Guide, however, is a Cabinet project, not a chamber project, said Tracy Hutchins, director of the Souhegan Valley Chamber of Commerce. No one from the chamber had anything to do with the guide, Hutchins said. This is not the only complaint about unauthorized billing from Admosphere, which is owned by Joseph E. Smith and has two employees, according to the Better Business Bureau. The bureau’s website gives it an A-minus rating, despite a complaint that says Admosphere contacted a high school football team’s corporate sponsors and created a poster without getting anyone’s approval. It said the companies’ logos were wrong and they should get refunds. All names and places are redacted. "Non (sic) of these sponsors were notified prior to print, except through an invoice that I told them we did not approve," the review said. "Now this company has notified my sponsors that they are being turned over to collection. I want this company to stop harrassing our football good faith sponsors." Annie Thompson, spokeswoman for the Illiinois attorney general’s press office, said they had one complaint about Admosphere in 2013 and two in 2014, all concerning invoices, and "we were able to mediate" a resolution. Kathy Cleveland can be reached at 673-3100 or