Local funeral home adds crematorium

WILTON – Michaud Funeral Home announced the opening of Michaud Crematorium at 343 Forest Road. Statistics show that the number of families and individuals in New Hampshire choosing cremation continues to grow. Currently, most funeral directors have to contract with a thirdparty crematory in order to serve their families. Even though these thirdparty crematories are reputable, funeral directors have little influence over quality control, timely return of the cremains in order to schedule services, and cost. Michaud Crematorium has implemented procedures to ensure the utmost in quality control for the cremation of your loved one. First of all, using our crematory means the deceased never leaves the care of the funeral home. Michaud Funeral Home uses a system of numbered metal tags to ensure that the cremains returned to the family are those of their loved one. Commingling of cremains has always been an issue with cremations. When Michaud Funeral Home decided to build a crematory, it looked long and hard to find a cremator (retort) that would allow it to be environmentally friendly by using less fuel than a traditional retort. The unit it purchased uses the same type of insulation as is used on the exterior of the space shuttle. With this type of insulation, the retort heats up as well as cools quickly, allowing employees to vacuum between cycles. This ensures a more complete return of cremains to the family as opposed to the traditional method of using a stiff steel brush to sweep out the floor of the retort. This also results in a decreased amount of commingling of cremated remains from previous cremations. For more information, contact Carl Michaud at 654-6524 or cmichaud@ michaudfuneral.com, or visit www.michaud funeralhome.com.