Town forest status sought for Rose Mtn.

LYNDEBOROUGH – The Conservation Commission is asking Town Meeting voters to designate 17 acres of townowned land on Rose Mountain as a town forest. The parcel was taken by the town for unpaid taxes in 2011. It abuts Scout Road and also adjoins the newly preserved top of Rose Mountain. Conservation Commission member Mike Decubelis said that although the top of the mountain has been conserved, there is no legal public access to it except Scout Road, which is almost impassable. "It has been ruined by ATVs and Jeeps and eroded into a boulder field," he said. Of this parcel, which can be accessed from the lower portion of Scout Road – which is is still in good condition – he said, "A parking area can be created, and a nice walking path." Off-road vehicles would be banned from the parcel. A building on the property is in poor condition and will be demolished. Making the parcel town forest also fits into the town’s Master Plan, Decubelis said. The plan "recommends the protection of the mountaintops and providing public access," he said. "This is the first full step toward aligning with the Master Plan." The lot is described as Tax Map 216, Lot 4. The proposal falls under the provisions of RDSA 31:112, II. The selectmen have approved the proposal. The business portion of Town Meeting, Articles 2-27, will be held at 10 a.m. Saturday, March 12, at Citizens’ Hall. – JESSIE SALISBURY