In Lyndeborough: No contest

LYNDEBOROUGH – There were no contests and two blank spaces on the town ballot on Tuesday.

Town Meeting will be at 10 a.m. Saturday at Citi­zens’ Hall.

Here are the results from voting on Tuesday:


Total on checklist: 1186

Total votes: 138

Moderator: Walter Hol­land 124

Treasurer: Ellen Martin 134

Budget Committee, 3 years, vote for three

Walter Holland 132

Geoffrey Allen (write-in) 9

Steve Brown (write-in) 6

Budget Committee, 2 years: Peter Dallas 115

Trustee of Cemeteries: Robert Rogers 133

Trustee of Trust Funds: Richard Herfurth (write-in) 13

ZBA: Richard Roy, 126

Supervisor of the Check­list: Sally Curran, 129

Wilton-Lyndeborough Cooperative School District

Moderator: Walter Hol­land (write-in) 49

School Board At Large: Charlie Post 110

Budget Committee At Large, 1 year: Lisa Post 113

Budget Committee at Large, 3 years: Pamela Alt­ner 116

Question: Should the dis­trict meeting be changed to Saturday morning?

Yes: 97

No: 25