Use of stickers approved for recycling center

WILTON – After considerable discussion,the Board of Selectmen approved the issuing of identification stickers to residents of the towns using the Recycling Center.

Stickers will be issued at the facility, with a different color for each town, and there will be no cost. Users will be asked to fill out a form proving residence. The 2- by 2-inch stickers are to be placed on the inside of the windshield in the lower left-hand corner. Selectman Rick Swanson argued for charging a fee, but was outvoted by the other board members and Steve Elliott, the Public Works director, who said he had checked with other towns and found about half of them charged a fee. The others said residents were already supporting the center through taxes.

Selectmen will ask the other towns – Lyndeborough, Mason, Temple and Greenville – for feedback. The program is expected to be in place by June. At issue is use by nonresidents. Since removal of materials is assessed by weight, nonresidents cost the center money. Resident Charlie Mc- Gettigan noted that stickers were used many years ago, and said he didn’t know why they had been discontinued. – JESSIE SALISBURY