Voters accept Village School budget

MONT VERNON – Voters overwhelmingly approved Village School’s operating budget last Tuesday and rejected a petition article asking that the voters have a chance to vote on all-day kindergarten. Village School is in its second year of offering full-day kindergarten. The kindergarten petition failed by a vote of 232-206.

Jason Chavez was elected to a two-year seat on the School Board and incumbent Thomas Driscoll was elected to a threeyear term, but there were no candidates for the second three-year seat. Jay Wilson and Kim Roberge each received write-in votes.

An article asking for live streaming of public meetings also failed, by a vote of 340-103. An article to start a capital reserve fund for students with disabilities passed.

Mont Vernon voters also helped elect Dwayne Purvis, Peter Maresco and Stephen Coughlan to the Souhegan Cooperative School Board, rejecting school reform candidates, and helped approve the high school’s $17.58 million budget.

The vote to pass the Village School budget of $4.6 million was 259-201.