Land Trust announces garden plans

AMHERST – The Am­herst Land Trust an­nounced the opening of a community garden in the village.

The Joshua’s Park playground is scheduled to open on Memorial Day weekend. The bricks for the plaza will arrive in late May. But even before that, the Stearns-Davis Community Gardens at Joshua’s Park are open now for application, first-come, first-served, with plantings to begin in the last week of April, depending on when the heavy equipment op­erators have completed their work.

If you live in town on a lot not conducive to gardening, the Stearns- Davis Community Gar­dens may be for you. Half of the allotments have al­ready been spoken for.

The land on which residents will be gar­dening has been farmed for more than 150 years, so its soils are rich and fertile. The gardens get plenty of sunlight and water is onsite.

Plots are leased annu­ally and come in two siz­es: 10-by-20 for $30 and 20-by-20 for $50.

To apply, contact Lora Swansinger at 673-6248 or,or sign up at the Recreation Office at 4 Cross Road.

For more information or to donate to the Josh­ua’s Park project, visit