Office for new official mulled

WILTON – A committee has been named to start a search for a new town administrator, and now a place must be found for an office for him or her. A study is being done to eventually renovate the western end of Town Hall (the former police station) into offices and storage spaces, but a short-term plan is needed in the meantime.

The Board of Selectmen discussed the question at some length on Monday, April 11, without coming to a conclusion.

Adding a third desk to the present selectmen’s office and holding meetings in the courtroom could serve in the short term, Chairman Kermit Williams suggested, but that would leave no place for confidential conversations. The western portion of the building is used by the building inspector and the welfare officer, but the space is inadequate. Much of it is filled boxes of records for many departments that need storage, and it lacks proper heat.

Funds were appropriated at Town Meeting to create a renovation plan for the area, which still contains the old jail cells, and that will be put out to bid. That plan could be adopted later this year. It was suggested that the meeting room at the Fire Station could be used for Planning Board meetings during the renovations. "(Chief) Ray Dick has been very cooperative," Dan Donavan said. The search committee consists of most of the members of the Administrator Study Committee.