Parking lot at issue in Wilton

WILTON – The issue of ownership of the park­ing lot in front of the Yel­low Block on Main Street, at the bottom on Maple Street, has again arisen.

Building owner Joan Lemire has asked that the Public Works Department repaint the parking lines. However, Public Works Director Steve Elliott said Lemire maintains that she owns the lot and has post­ed "private parking" signs.

Selectman Bill Con­dra said a survey of Main Street in 2004 for the re­construction of the street shows it as town property.

"If it’s town proper­ty, the signs must come down," he said.

Selectmen said they will send a letter to Lemire.

If the town repaints the markings, they will match the rest of Main Street.

In other business, Elliott said there were complaints about traffic patterns dur­ing Summerfest on Satur­day when Main Street was closed. Maple Street was not well-marked as an al­ternative route east.

People were using Island Street to get to Route 101, where there was a problem making a left turn, causing a backup, said Elliott, who said Gregg Street should have been indicated as a detour to Maple Street from Forest Street.

Selectmen suggested a meeting with the Main Street Association for a "critique of the event."