Milford supports Labor Day parade fundraiser

MILFORD – It has been less than three weeks since the Harley Sanford Post 4368 established a fundraiser to help pay for the ever-rising costs of the Milford Labor Day parade.

"Already we are seeing donations coming in at a promising rate" said Doug Bianchi, quartermaster of the post.

Over the years, the pa­rade has attracted civic organizations, businesses and other local groups to march alongside sev­eral marching bands from all over the region. This has been a great source of family entertainment, drawing an average of more than 25,000 specta­tors, annually.

The Veterans of Foreign Wars post has lead the or­ganizing and funding of this annual event since its inception.

"At one time, the VFW paid for the entire cost of the bands and other par­ticipants who charged for their appearance in the parade," Bianchi said.

However, the VFW can no longer pay for the en­tire cost of the parade, estimated at $12,000, by itself. And, unlike other activities held in town, the Labor Day parade produces no revenue; it is intended to be just a won­derful day of family enter­tainment.

"Our current source of funding for the parade is coming in part from finan­cial assistance through the Milford Board of Selectmen," said Steve Sears, commander of the Milford VFW post. "How­ever, the majority of the costs will have to be cov­ered by individual dona­tions made by local citi­zens and businesses."

The first local busi­nessperson to step up and support the parade was James Buchanan, president of Buchanan Construction Co., located in Wilton, who donated $250.

Large and small dona­tions are beginning to flow into the fund.

Thanks to the tireless efforts of soliciting dona­tions by local resident Jeane Waterman, a sup­porter of the VFW, she has been pleasantly surprised at the generosity she has seen so far.

"I am very gratified at the reception I have got­ten from local people and businesses," Waterman said. "They all seem to understand the impor­tance of keeping our La­bor Day parade, a con­tinuing family event in Milford."

For more information on how you can become a sponsor of the 2016 Labor Day parade, contact the Milford VFW at 673-9817 or vfwpost4368@gmail. com.