Town edges are at issue

>Boundaries lie somewhere in a soccer field

WILTON – Somewhere on Carnival Hill, the east-west boundary between Milford and Lyndeborough meets the north-south Wilton boundary. Exactly where that junction lies is again under dispute.

When the athletic fields were developed in the area a few years ago, a survey located the corner and the granite marker was buried at that point. Since that point is in the soccer field, it couldn’t be above ground.

On Monday, June 27, Lorraine Carson, of Mil­ford, met with selectmen to discuss the location, as she has several times in the past.

"The issue is between Milford and Lyndebor­ough," she said, "where that line intersects the Wilton line. No one really knows where it is."

Folklore according to some longtime residents, says when Carnival Hill was a cornfield, the farm­er got tired of plowing around the corner marker and moved it to the stone wall. Carson said she doubted the story since the marker would be too heavy to move.

"We have visited this twice before," Selectman Dan Donovan said.

Since it has been sur­veyed several times since 1980 – four surveys were cited at the meeting – "It is where it should be as far as Wilton is con­cerned," Donovan said.

Carson said the plan was to survey the line to deter­mine where it should be, and that Milford and Lyn­deborough have agreed to split the costs.

Selectman Bill Condra said he was present at a previous survey involving the three towns.

Public Works Direc­tor Steve Elliott said he knows where the marker is buried and will un­earth it whenever the of­ficials agree to meet.

"If it is in the wrong place, it needs to be re­moved and reburied," Carson said, adding, "It would be nice it if were above ground."

That isn’t possible in the middle of a soccer field.

Lyndeborough Town Administrator Russ Bo­land said his select board had agreed to the plan and would meet with Mil­ford when a date is set.

Condra noted that the athletic fields, although located in three towns, are owned by Wilton.