School board meets to talk coaches’ pay

>Club adviser stipends will also be discussed at meeting

MILFORD – Summer’s barely started, but the Milford School Board is looking ahead to Septem­ber and the school sports season – specifically, the stipends the School Dis­trict pays to coaches, as well as club advisers.

The board will hold a special meeting at 3 p.m. Thursday, July 14, to discuss co-curricular stipends for the 2016-17 school year. It will be held in room 182 at Mil­ford High School.

Waiting for the sched­uled August meeting would be too late, said Chairman Paul Dargie, because the board wants to have the new structure in place before the start of any activities.

The board has looked at each coaching and ad­visory position with the aim of setting up a fair sti­pend pay structure and to "clean up the inconsisten­cies in the pay," he said. At the last regular School Board meeting, there were some disagreements.

"The administration went back and created a new structure that is like­ly to be approved by the board," Dargie said. "I called this special board meeting because we want to have the new struc­ture in place before the start of any activities for the new year so that the coaches will know what they are being paid.

"Most of the stipend amounts will change somewhat, with some peo­ple getting an increase in pay and others getting a decrease."

Coaches sign a document before they start coach­ing that outlines their du­ties and responsibilities, and it also includes their stipend for the position. School officials want that document to be accurate, Dargie said.

Whatever the pay is, some won’t be as much as the board had hoped.

After voters in March rejected the School Dis­trict’s operating budget, the board eliminated $11,000 for co-curricular stipends to help make up for the $238,000 differ­ence between the budget and the default budget.

At the time, Dargie said coaches and club advis­ers haven’t received an increase in about five years and some have been working for no pay.

The final proposal shows stipends for the football coaches are changing, with most go­ing up slightly. The head coach’s stipend of $3,952 went to $4,200.

Middle school basket­ball and volleyball coach­es were getting nothing for the 2015-16 school year, and the proposal shows middle school basketball coaches get­ting $1,500 and volleyball $1,200. Pay for the distric­twide Destination Imagi­nation coach dropped from $2,000 to $1,750.

The district’s co-curricular budget is $185, 970, with $149,350 going to the high school and $36,620 to the middle school.

Pay is based on param­eters such as planning time, time spent with stu­dents and the number of participants.

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