Mountain Road project on track

LYNDEBOROUGH – The company rebuilding three portions of Moun­tain Road was given a 10- day extension for comple­tion, but the paving had to be completed by Thurs­day, Aug. 25, in order to avoid penalties.

Kevin Leonard, of Northpoint Engineering, the main project contrac­tor, met with the Board of Selectmen on Wednesday, Aug. 17, for an update of the project. About 3 miles of the road is being totally reconstructed. The three most difficult portions are being done by Kings­bury Construction, with the town Highway Depart­ment doing the sections in between. Those include the low section along Bad­ger Pond where drain­age had to be rebuilt and near the site of the former Hunters Cot, where ledges had to be removed.

The problem now, Leon­ard said, is in coordinat­ing three factors: Kings­bury’s work and the town portion with Continental Paving’s time schedule.

Leonard agreed to have his engineers work with Road Agent Kent Perry to be sure the connec­tions between sections are smooth and all sec­tions are ready for paving. He said they have a "good working relationship."

Selectman Chairman Lee Mayhew said he was concerned "the sections might not match, and we want to do this right. It has to all be ready to meet the paving deadline," prior to the opening of school.

The board agreed to give the Highway Depart­ment "the charge to do it," meaning any overtime re­quired, buying materials or renting equipment.

There is still work to be done along the edges, Leonard said, "but it is all coming together."

His people are develop­ing a "punch list" for each section, he said, to ensure "everything is finished as planned."

Town Meeting voters in March approved the $1.6 million project by a large margin. The reconstruc­tion extends from Center Road to the end of the current pavement north of French Road. Upgrading the section from there to Warner Road is planned for later this fall.

Parts of Mountain Road are steep and twisting, and all of it is narrow. Since it was sparsely pop­ulated, the road had been neglected for many years. It is now one of the fastest-growing sections of town, and is both a mail route and a school bus route.

Mountain Road is the better of two ways over the mountain connecting North Lyndeborough with the other parts of town – the northern end of Mountain Road and along the Second N.H. Turnpike. Until the construction of the Cen­tral School in 1949, North Lyndeborough children attended school in Fran­cestown and mail was de­livered from New Boston. Residents still have New Boston telephone numbers.

During the construc­tion, residents have been detoured over Crooked S Road or New Road.