Drinking party leads to arrests

AMHERST – An Amherst father and his teenage son and daughter were ar­rested after what police say was a drink­ing party at their home on Aug. 4 that also resulted in the arrests of six other underage youths and four juveniles.

Police responded to 12 Fieldstone Drive around 11 p.m. Aug. 4.

John Kane, 53, was charged with facili­tating an underage drinking party.

John Kane Jr., 18, was charged with facilitating an underage drinking party and unlawful possession of alcohol.

Kailey Kane, 19, was detained on a charge of unlawful possession of alco­hol.

The other underage people arrested were Christian Lee, 18, of Amherst; Davida Hawkes, 19, of Pittsford, N.Y.; Camden Formby-Lavertu, 20, of Mont Vernon; Jo­seph Grassett, 18, of Amherst; and Molly Yeaton, 18, of Mont Vernon.

They were all charged with unlawful possession of alcohol. Except for Gras­sett, all pled guilty or no contest and re­ceived fines. Grassett has a Sept. 22 trial management conference scheduled.

Alexander Frazier, 18, of Amherst, was also charged with resisting arrest and has a Sept. 1 court date.

James Kibbie, 18, of Mont Vernon, was detained for unlawful possession of alcohol and released on a court summons on Aug. 25 in lieu of arrest.

Police say court action is expected in the case of the four juveniles detained at the party.