Sports fields set for Brox

Environmental concerns won’t deter selectmen

MILFORD – Last week, members of Brox Environmental Citizens told selectmen once again that vot­ers should have a say on whether there should be sports fields on the Brox property.

The town plans to build two mul­tipurpose fields on land near Her­on Pond Elementary School.

"Voters want an opportunity to vote," Dave Mc- Manus said. Suzanne Fournier told the board that the town administrator’s recent letter to The Cabinet outlining the state Department of Environmental Services’ conditions for its alteration of terrain permit doesn’t include the 10th condition: that the public should have no vehicle access during construction. Town officials should be ashamed, she said, that wildlife experts in the state Fish and Game Department said the town "hasn’t demonstrated minimization of the loss of habitat values and hasn’t proposed sufficient avoidance practices" for threatened and endangered species. Despite that, "Fish and Game bosses went ahead with the permit anyway," Fournier said. "That doesn’t give Milford anything to be proud of." Two reptile species considered endangered in New Hampshire have been observed on the property: the Eastern hognose snake and the Blanding’s turtle. Selectmen didn’t respond to Fournier. Board Chairman Mark Fougere told McManus the board strongly feels there is a "severe shortage of fields," and now that the town has a permit from the state Department of Environmental Services, there is no reason not to build them. The town attorney has seen the residents’ petition and said Milford has full authority to proceed with the project, Fougere said. Kathy Cleveland can be reached at 673-3100 or