Stickers now available for Recycling Center

WILTON – Vehicle iden­tification stickers are now available at the Recycling Center.

The vehicle has to be registered in one of the five member towns: Wil­ton, Lyndeborough, Ma­son, Greenville or Tem­ple. Stickers are limited to two per family and will be valid through Dec. 31, 2018. There is no cost for the sticker.

Leased vehicles will re­quire a proof of residency.

All users of the center will need a sticker by Jan. 1.

There will be signs at the center with informa­tion on obtaining a stick­er, and information will be posted on the town website as a one-page doc­ument, "Recycling Center Sticker Initiative – what you should know."

The program was ini­tiated by selectmen at the suggestion of Public Works Director Steve El­liott, who said there were "a number of people" us­ing the center from other towns. Since the center has to pay to have trash hauled away, nonresi­dents are costing the town money.

In related business, the selectmen are consider­ing reforming the Recy­cling Committee, a group named some years ago to encourage people to use the Recycling Center and to improve its operations.

Lyndeborough Select­man Mark Schultz and Town Administrator Russ Boland met with Wilton selectmen on Sept. 19 to discuss the committee. Schultz, who had been named to the committee, said Lyndeborough wants to be more involved be­cause, although Wilton owns and operates the center, "Lyndeborough gives a big chunk of mon­ey."

Elliott said the "main purpose of the committee should be recycling."

Schultz said he was in­terested in recycling, but also about maintaining costs.