Lyndeborough safety committee seeks funds

Organization aims to provide for future fire, police stations

LYNDEBOROUGH – The committee autho­rized by last year’s Town Meeting is asking that two capital reserve funds be formed to provide funds for a future fire station and for the police depart­ment.

"We will need to invest in facilities sometime in the future," committee Chairman John Pomer told the Board of Select­men on Wednesday, Nov. 9. "Sometime within the next 10 years."

The committee doesn’t yet have a specific plan, he said, "But we would like to start putting money away in case a piece of property should become available for purchase."

Pomer said the com­mittee suggests two funds instead of one for both uses because the projects "might come at different times."

"We have to be careful with the wording for the two facilities," committee member Scott Roper said. "There are those who don’t want one building, why we can’t use the term ‘safety complex.’ "

Mark Chamberlain add­ed, "If we are going to do something, the Fire De­partment has to have pri­ority because of the truck (size) issues. It doesn’t mean we have to do both at once."

Roper said that was a reason why the committee came up with two articles.

"The consensus seems to be that a substation for the Fire Department somewhere near the cen­ter would be ideal."

For the Police Depart­ment, he said, "The con­sensus seems to be an addition at the rear of Citizens’ Hall."

Chamberlain noted that having a fund in place would help the committee with its work.

"If we have a place, a design, we can come to the town with real costs," he said.

Pomer said the com­mittee did not yet have any numbers for pos­sible costs, but would like to start each fund with $10,000 and add to it each year. The committee would also like the select­men to act as agents for the funds so they could be readily available.

Selectman Lee Mayhew said the board has been in communication with the School Board.

"We asked for first dibs on getting the school building if they should de­cide to discontinue (using) it at some point," he said. "The Superintendent is looking into all of the things you have to look at."

He added, "There is no plan for that on the hori­zon."

One use for the building could be a police station if it became available.

When the committee was established, $5,000 was provided for its work. The committee members were charged with study­ing the needs of the town’s emergency services and determining a location for a safety complex, or some other option, and report back to Town Meeting. A final report is due in 2018.

Other members of the study committee are Wal­ly Holt, Walter Holland, Rob Rogers, Andy Ro­eper, Russ Gardianna and Selectman Mark Schultz. Ex officio members are the police chief, fire chief, emergency management director and highway agent.