Superintendent explains Lyndeborough increase

LYNDEBOROUGH – There are more children in the school system this year than last, which caused a rise in the local school portion of the tax bill – an in­crease of $1.55 per $1,000 valu­ation.

Superintendent Bryan Lane offered the explanation in a let­ter posted on the SAU 63 website.

In the last tax cycle, Lynde­borough students made up 24.85 percent of the population. In this cycle, they are 26.93 per­cent, an increase of 2.08 percent.

The current operating budget is $12,281,936, and 2.08 percent of that budget is $255,464.

In Lyndeborough, every time the budget increases by $165,000, a dollar is added to the tax rate.

The median value of homes in Lyndeborough is $246,000. This means that the increase in the portion that a Lyndeborough homeowner will pay in taxes would be about $381.

"This increase is not due to an increase in the bud­get itself," Lane said, "it is solely due to the increase in the percentage of students in the Wilton-Lyndeborough Cooperative School District that live in Lyndeborough."