Wilton rates will remain same as ’15

WILTON – The tax rate for 2016 is the same as last year – $26.34 per $1,000 valuation – however, tax bills were in­advertently sent out with the break down of 2015.

The breakdown for this year is:

Town – $6.39, up 13 cents; school – $16.42, down 11 cents; state school – $2.26, down 8 cents; and county – $1.27, up 6 cents.

Change in the school por­tions was caused by reassess­ing the apportionment. Lyn­deborough’s percentage of the school population rose by 2.08 percent. Half of the apportion­ment is determined by the school population, the other half by equalized valuation.

The town portion rise was because of increases in the budget.