Officials explain rise in tax rate

Wilton property owners see ‘significant’ change in bills

WILTON – More than half of the town’s more than 8,000 property own­ers saw a significant change in their tax bills, including many who had an unexpected big rise.

That rise was a surprise because residents had re­ceived a letter outlining preliminary findings, and were invited to discuss those changes. Only 28 peo­ple did. In many cases, the tax bill was much different from the earlier estimate.

"We’ve had a number of unhappy people come in," Selectman Chairman Ker­mit Williams said Monday evening.

To get answers, the se­lectmen invited the state Department of Revenue Administration to attend and explain what had happened. Town assessor Todd Hayward and two DRA representatives, Mu­nicipal and Property Di­rector Stephan Hamilton and Josephine Belville, attended the meeting.