Thumbing the Files

75 years ago, 1942

The thermometer at the Milford Pumping Station registered 22 degrees below zero, so cold that Headmaster Frederick Snell dismissed classes at Milford High School. Water pipes were frozen at many homes and mechanics were busy trying to thaw out frozen automobiles.

The U.S. Navy said it had evacuated Cavite in the Philippines, and the Army announced that Japanese troops entered Manila in the Philippines after American and Philippine troops were withdrawn and all defense installations removed or destroyed. Gen. Douglas MacArthur said the enemy had “mercilessly bombed” churches, hospitals, convents, schools and other civilian installations.

The Latchis Theatre in Milford was showing “Private Nurse” with Jane Darwell, Brenda Joyce and Ann Todd.

Cpl. Kenneth Draper, son of Mr. and Mrs. George G. Draper, of Wilton, who had been honorably discharged from the Army in June after a three-year enlistment, decided after war broke out to enlist in the parachute troops. He was sent to Jefferson Field in Missouri.

65 years ago, 1952

Some Milford residents were unhappy that snow plows clearing the roads would block their driveways. “If a driveway is cleared out before we’ve finished (plowing), it’s quite likely we’ll push some snow back into it,” Public Works Superintendent Salvatore Grasso said.

Thrift Stores, a food store, was opening at the corner of Main and Maple streets “right in the heart of Amherst.” It was advertised as “packed full of food bargains,” including hamburg for 79 cents a pound.

Word was received by Mr. and Mrs. Dominic Rocca, of Milford, that their son, Cpl. Dominic Rocca Jr., had arrived in New Uln, Germany, where he was a mail orderly.

The Town Hall Theatre in Wilton was showing “Warpath” with Edmond O’Brien and Dean Jagger.

30 years ago, 1987

William Dyer resigned from the Milford Fire Department, making it the first time since 1935 that a Dyer wasn’t a firefighter.

Officer James Crane was honored with the Milford Police Department’s Distinguished Ribbon for his actions on Jan. 1 when he observed a robbery in progress at the Xtra Mart on West and Elm streets, pursued the suspect and arrested him after the suspect’s car hit a tree.

Phillip Heald, of Wilton, donated about 200 acres, located in Wilton and Temple, to the Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests. The land was appraised at $1,358,000.

Sandy Vander-Heyden, of Wilton, was one of 16 players from around the country named to the U.S. national field hockey team and was to play in the Pan Am Games in August.

20 years ago, 1997

The Rev. Jane Hawken was appointed pastor of the Second Congregational Church in Wilton, and the Rev. James D. Meacham was named pastor of the First Unitarian Congregational Society of Wilton Center.

Milford began discussing budgetary items in advance of the March Town Meeting, and one was a warrant article for a $1.9 million bond to bring a new Milford District Court to town. The court had moved to Amherst.

Milford state Rep. Gary Daniels introduced a bill in Concord that would allow school districts to elect their moderators for two years, rather than for just one or for three that was allowed under state law.

The Amherst PTA scheduled auditions for its annual play, “Our Town.”

Singer-songwriter Merrie Amsterburg was to perform at Milford’s Col. Shepard House.