Change sought for reserve fund

LYNDEBOROUGH – Voters at Town Meeting will be asked to change the purpose of a capital reserve fund set up in 1993.

The fund was formed to set aside money to close the old landfill at the recycling center if that should ever be required by the state. Wilton selectmen deter­mined years ago that if such a move is required, it will "cost millions and require a bond." They discontinued their fund at that time.

The last contribution was made in 2001. The fund holds about $82,000.

Budget Committee Member Burton Reyn­olds suggested Wednes­day, Jan. 11, that the fund be repurposed to fire department equipment repair.

"It will cover the cost of repairing some of the larger pieces of equip­ment," he said.

The selectmen ap­proved the idea.

The fund was set up with only Wilton and Lyndeborough paying into it because they were the two towns that used the former landfill.

The old landfill is mon­itored by several wells, all of which have shown no problems, Reynolds said. The cost of the monitoring is included in the Recycling Center budget.