Parking limit enforced

WILTON – The Main Street parking ordinance is to be modified and then more vigorously enforced.

Police Chief Brent Hautanen met with selectmen on Monday, Jan. 30, to discuss the current rules, which date to 2007.

There is currently a two-hour parking limit between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. on all Main Street parking spaces except for six – four in front of Gary’s Restaurant and two in front of Nelson’s Candies. That will remain in effect.

Those six spaces have a one-hour limit, which hasn’t been strictly enforced, but will be in the future. Those spaces were created for shoppers because of the Town Hall Theatre, which can tie up spaces for longer periods.

Overnight parking still isn’t allowed.

Hautanen will draft an ordinance for the selectmen. “We’ll start with a warning,” he said.