Petitions Pass

After saying that a vote was probably illegal, Moderator Bill Keefe said he would allow a vote on two petitions at Town Meeting on Thursday, March 16, providing the voters understood that they were advisory only and nonbinding.

An attempt was made to call the two articles out of order, but Keefe ruled against it.

Article 1 asked that no town employees enquire about, report or act upon anyone’s immigration status under any circumstances while performing town duties.

Organizers said they didn’t want to imply that Wilton would become a sanctuary city or a haven.

Several people argued it would hamper police in their duties.

Article 2 asked that the town confirm its commitments to the rights ensured by the First and Fourth Amendments to the Constitution in that no person shall be required to declare their religious or philosophical belief or affiliation, and not to sign any registry for any belief or affiliation.

A motion to table the articles failed on a voice vote. A show of hands was asked for, and the tabling again failed, 81-33.

Keefe again reminded the audience that the vote had no force of law.

Both articles passed on a voice vote. There was no discussion of Article 2.