Local lawyer teaches martial arts in the Philippines

LYNDEBOROUGH – On a recent business trip to Manila, Manchester-area lawyer Joseph Caulfield visited the RT Lawrence Corp., a multinational financial software company. When management learned that Caulfield is an instructor in “Black Sword Aikido,” a martial art that focuses not on striking an opponent, but rather on redirecting the opponent’s energy to gain control over them, he was invited to train some of the corporation’s employees in self-defense.

About 20 individuals, most with no prior martial-arts experience, took advantage of the opportunity. Some of the women told Caulfield that they had previously felt helpless because of their size, but after just 90 minutes of training, they now felt more confident that they could defend themselves.

The word “aikido” means “The Way of Harmony of the Spirit.” As taught by Caulfield, aikido is a way of strengthening one’s mind, body and spirit, learning one’s true will and discovering one’s purpose. Caulfield, a 5th Degree Black Belt in Ueshiba Aikido, has a dojo in Lyndeborough, where he offers regular lessons. Visitors are welcome to observe or sample a class at no cost.

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