Sweets abound

Maple Guys offers more than syrup

LYNDEBOROUGH – The official Maple Weekend was held across the area on March 25-26, but sugarhouses these days offer a lot more than six grades of syrup, sugar and cream.

At The Maple Guys and Mtn-Gold Maple Mill, you could find cotton candy, popcorn, maple coffee, peanut brittle and fudge.

At the Maple Mill, there was also an apple-maple syrup developed for flavoring desserts, but you could almost drink it.

The Maple Guys took advantage of unexpected snow to have syrup on snow on Sunday.

“Mountain Man” Jack Slater and his partner, Debra Fogg, opened a new sugarhouse this year near their home at 55 Cram Hill Road. He has been making syrup for several years, and now has a wide variety of offerings, including crafts and jewelry made by Fogg’s daughter, Jennifer St. Cyr.

The Maple Guys is a collaborative venture. The peanut brittle is made by Karen Grybko, of Maple Lane Farm off Center Road, and the fudge, both plain and walnut, is made from Slater’s syrup by Doug Nelson in Wilton.

The business card calls it “Home of the Crazy Crafters Emporium.”

The store will be open weekends. For more information, call 654-7260 or 566-6213.