Lyndeborough Democrats organize committee

Officers of the Lyndeborough Democratic Town Committee are, from left, Regina Conrad, delegate-at-large; Joan Geise, secretary; Carylyn McEntee, co-chairwoman; Ellen Pomer, co-chairwoman; and Sally Curran, treasurer. Photo by JESSIE SALISBURY

LYNDEBOROUGH – The town’s Democrats met at the J.A. Tarbell Library on Sunday, April 9, to form what is believed to be the first Democratic Town Committee in Lyndeborough.

About a quarter of the registered voters are declared Democrats, with a large majority of voters undeclared.

The meeting was led by Karen Day, chairman of the Hillsborough County Democratic Committee. She was assisted by state Reps. Carol Roberts and Kermit Williams, of District 4, and Richard McNamara, of District 38. Lyndeborough is in both districts.

“Town committees are the heart of the grass-roots movement,” Day said. “Our job is to see that more people get to the polls, that they know how important it is to vote.”

“You are less affected by what goes on in Washington than what is done in Concord,” Williams said. “It is important who represents you to see that schools are supported and bridges get fixed.”

Redistricting is a major issue for the party. District 38 covers 10 towns from Hillsborough to Greenville.

Officers chosen were Carylyn McEntee and Ellen Pomer, co-chairmen; Joan Geise, secretary; Sally Curran, treasurer; and Regina Conrad, delegate-at-large.

The committee will choose a time for its first meeting and create a Facebook page to help get information out.

Curran noted the difficulties in getting information around a town as geographically divided as Lyndeborough, which is one of the things the group will work on.