Milford student accosted at bus stop

MILFORD – An older female student was accosted by a man in a truck after she was dropped off at her bus stop Monday afternoon, and Schools Superintendent Robert Marquis is asking parent to talk to their children about how to deal with strangers.

In a May 16 letter to parents, Marquis said he was informed of the incident by Milford Police Chief Michael Viola. The driver was described as being about 50 and wearing a gray hoodie. The vehicle was described as a clean, black, single-cab truck with oversized wheels and tires and a black cap that was even with the height of the truck’s cab.

The girl’s response to the man’s request to get in was “spot-on,” Marquis said. She ran to her house and called the police.

The superintendent called it a “teachable moment for all children, regardless of their age, an opportunity to revisit those conversations we have with our children” – reminding them of how to respond to strangers and reminding them to walk with a partner or in a group, to not get into vehicles and to tell an adult if something happens.