Scales OK’d for Wilton Recycling Center

WILTON – The purchase and installation of truck scales at the Recycling Center was approved by the Board of Selectmen among its items of discussion on Monday, June 5.

The idea has been discussed several times over the last few years, and there is general agreement among the member towns that having the accurate weight of truckloads of material would reduce costs. Currently, such loads are “estimated.”

Public Works Director Steve Elliott said the scale would cost $34,250, plus $23,200 for the concrete work to house it. Costs will be covered from the revolving fund created two years ago at Town Meeting.

The fund is composed of money left over at the end of each fiscal year that was previously returned to member towns. The fund can be used only for recycling center projects. Its existence eliminates special warrant articles for such improvements.

Elliott said the scale operators will be trained and must be certified by the state.

The center is open to residents of Wilton, Greenville, Lyndeborough, Mason and Temple.

In other business:

• Elliott said he will have figures for the riverwalk project construction for the next meeting.

• Selectmen approved the closing of Main and Maple streets on Saturday, June 24, for Summerfest.

• Three people have been hired for work in the town’s parks and cemeteries. Elliott said they are “full-time seasonal” employees.

• It was announced that demolition work on the interior of the north end of Town Hall is almost complete, with the old jail cells the last parts to be removed.

The Board of Selectmen is now on its summer schedule of meeting every two weeks. The next meeting will June 19. During the Town Hall renovations, meetings are held at the fire station.