Work on Wilton Town Hall proceeding

The north end windows of Wilton Town Hall are again open after having been covered for years.

WILTON – The north end of Town Hall has been stripped down to the brick and granite walls to allow for adding insulation and new wiring and heating systems.

The big north end windows are again open, and ornamental brickwork is on view. There are several openings in the floor to allow viewing of the crawl space underneath.

Now, it has to be put back together. Unfortunately, most of the brickwork will again be covered.

Scott Lencioni, project manager for Ingram Construction Corp., of West Swanzey, met with subcontractors and town officials for their regular Wednesday progress report on June 7. Those at the briefing included architect Alison Meltzer, Town Manager Scott Butcher, Public Works Director Steve Elliott and Town Hall Theatre owner Dennis Markaverich.

The main topic of discussion was what’s under the floor, how to insulate the area and add vapor barriers over the dirt floor. More investigation is needed, and no decision was reached.

Also discussed were the alarm system, sprinklers and various changes caused by what was found when the walls were removed. Location and installation of electronic systems is still being determined.

There is also the problem of making new materials match the old because of differences in thickness and widths. Standards have changed since 1885.

“We found no surprises,” Butcher said. “Surprising in an old building.”

Of the recent demolition, he added, “It was much quieter than we expected.” With the area closed off, “We could barely hear it. It is amazing it went as cleanly as it did.”

The courtroom has been more or less divided into office spaces by filing cabinets for temporary use by the building inspector and others, and most meetings are now being held at the fire station.

“They built this thing to last,” Lencioni said of the Town Hall’s construction. “They didn’t spare any trees.”

The work began May 22 and is expected to take about 10 weeks.