Lyndeborough school marker honors teacher

In 1990, Linda Buttrick’s fourth-grade class received a new flag for Lyndeborough Central School after writing letters to the American Legion in Wilton saying they needed a new one. They were honored for their patriotism and citizenship. Photo courtesy of NADINE PREFTAKES

LYNDEBOROUGH – Linda Buttrick taught third- and fourth-graders at Central School for more than 30 years.

When the school was combined with Florence Rideout in Wilton in 2015, she decided it was a good time for her to retire – to end her career along with the school she loved.

Buttrick died last year after a long battle with cancer.

On Tuesday, the staff of the Early Leaning Center, which has replaced Central School, asked the School Board to place a granite memorial beside the school’s flagpole.

“She was the most patriotic person you ever met,” said Nadine Preftakes, spokeswoman for the staff. “Every morning she took her class out to the flagpole, where they raised the flag. They learned proper flag etiquette, the right way to fold the flag, and sang patriotic songs.”

Putting the memorial by the flagpole seemed like the most appropriate spot.

In 1990, Preftakes said, “The school needed a new flag – the old one was getting worn – so she had her students all write letters to the American Legion. They came out and brought a new one.”

Learning proper letter writing was another part of Buttrick’s class plan: doing things the right way.

Buttrick and her classes were honored several times for their citizenship.

The $275 marker, which was approved unanimously by the board, is a flat stone that reads “Linda Buttrick, caring teacher, compassionate friend, loved by all. 2016.”

The memorial will be placed sometime during the summer with appropriate ceremonies, Preftakes said, “quietly and reverently” – although Buttrick would “probably like a big splash with everyone invited. She was like that.”

Buttrick was a resident of Greenville.