WLC grads told: ‘Only failure is not trying,’

WILTON – As Wilton-Lyndeborough Cooperative’s seniors were about to move on to the next step in their lives, Superintendent Bryan Lane said he wanted them to act appropriately: “Go out and act like 1-year-olds.”

One-year-olds don’t know what failure means, he said. They just know what they want to do and do it.

“You stood on wobbly legs and fell, grabbed onto a table and tried again,” Lane said. He added, “Be bold, take a risk; the only failure is not trying.”

A traditional graduation ceremony was held Friday, June 9, for the 44 seniors, complete with junior class arch bearers leading the procession and a rose ceremony in the middle during which each graduate presented flowers to a relative and others.

Valedictorian Trey Carrier compared life to learning to play basketball.

“There is always something new to learn,” Carrier said. “The big picture may be scary, but improvement comes one day at a time when learning anything in life.”

Salutatorian Jon Knowles discussed the role of challenges in their lives.

“We all have different paths to take, and I can’t wait to see where mine takes me,” he said. There are a lot of challenges, and, “You have to take them in stride and make them work.”

However, Knowles advised his classmates, if you’re going to fail, be sure to “make it spectacular.”

The guest speaker was English teacher Kathryn Morshed, who had been their class adviser for five years.

“We have made some incredible memories together,” she said. “You taught me to be a better teacher and a better mom, and I can tell you now, you made it!”

She offered a lot of advice: Join a club or sports; get out of your comfort zone; do that job you never thought you’d like; travel; be a good listener. Learn to boil water and make pasta.

When things go wrong, and they will, she said, “Remember the darkness will rise for something beautiful. Learn from it and you’ll become more powerful. Believe in yourself enough to overcome all obstacles. And most of all, believe in yourself.”

The ceremony began with the national anthem sung by the school’s select choir. Principal Brian Bagley gave the welcome. Underclassmen Harry Kandt and Lily Gendron performed “Over the Rainbow” to a standing ovation.

Thank-you gifts to a selection of teachers were given by the class officers.

Diplomas were presented by School Board Chairman Harry Dailey, Bagley, Lane and Assistant Principal Susan Ballou, after which the graduates tossed their caps to wild cheers and went outside to visit with friends and relatives.