Wilton provides safe place for meetings

This is the sign in front of the Wilton Police Station marking a safe and secure meeting place for people making internet transactions. It is well lighted and under constant video surveillance. Photo by JESSIE SALISBURY

WILTON – People who do business over the internet and who meet people they don’t know in order to transact sales, such as using Craig’s List, now have a safe and secure place to do so.

A sign in front of the police station marks a spot that is well lighted and under constant video surveillance.

Police Chief Brent Hautanen said he learned of the program through a professional magazine and thought it sounded like a good idea “at no cost to us. They provide the signs if you have a secure place, and we certainly have that.”

Should a person desire even more security, he said, “Call, and we’ll have an officer there. We want people to feel safe,”

The space is used frequently, Hautanen said, noting the chances for fraud, theft or violence.

“There is a lot of that out there,” he said.