One-way for beach road?

AMHERST – Residents who live near the Baboosic Lake town beach told selectmen last week that they like the idea of reduced speeds on Broadway and some said the beach road should be one way, at least during the summer.

Selectmen held the first of two public hearings June 26 on reducing Broadway’s speed limit from 30 to 25 mph.

The town beach has become a lot more popular, people said, and the heavy seasonal traffic is hard on the residential neighborhoods.

Broadway “is highly trafficked,” said Mark Davis, whose house is close to the beach. “There are lots of dogs, kids, viistors, baby carriages … and one way would be a lot safer.”

Residents also said they were concerned about the extra litter and the dogs that are on the beach off hours.

One woman said students in the crew club speed on the beach roads and so do parents who are bringing and picking up their children from summer camp. And parking that overflows from the beach parking lot to the roads creates blind spots, she said.

Sue McCarthy, who said she pushes her grandaughter’s carriage along the road, also said speed and trash are problems, and it would be an easy fix for Amherst to do what York Beach in Maine does in the summer, make the beach road one way.

The board took no action, since the proposed speed limit ordinance needs a second public hearing, but

Chairman Dwight Brew asked that Town Administrator Jim O’Mara meet with the recreation director and police chief could discuss the other concerns. Chief Mark Reams had asked for the speed limit reduction.

The second public hearing is scheduled for July 10.