Civics lessons are on tap at athletic club

Milford – Signers of the 18th Amendment would have been shocked. Ninety-eight years after this country banned the making and selling of alcoholic beverages, people will drink beer and cocktails – and talk about the U.S. Constitution.

That amendment eventually was repealed, and people’s attention has moved to other aspects of a document that so profoundly affects our lives.

On the next two Tuesday evenings at Hampshire Hills Athletic Club, Dave Alcox will lead a talk about the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Called Civics on Tap, the discussions will take place at the outdoor bar-restaurant Wickets on the Green. Food-and-drink service will be available.

Last summer Alcox lead three civic literacy courses at Hampshire Hills, and people wanted to know if there would be more.

“I saw out in Portsmouth there was a program called Civics on Tap, where people had a beverage and a casual conversation about government/politics,” Alcox said in an email. “I liked the name and the concept, so I approached Lisa McKay at Hampshire Hills, and she asked (owner) Rick Holder and he was very excited about the idea.”

Aug. 15, they will talk about the Constitution itself, what’s in it, its ideals and structure. Aug. 22, the discussion will turn to the Bill of Rights and the other 17 amendments.

“I’m hoping to have enough pocket Constitutions for everyone,” he said.

He also is planning to do trivia for prizes.

Alcox has taught civics and government at Milford High School for 21 years and coached the school’s We the People Constitution team to 15 state championships. This year he was named National Teacher of the Year by the American Lawyers Alliance.

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