Wilton officials discuss vehicles

WILTON – The Select Board dealt with a number of items at its regular meeting on April 9, from town hall sprinklers and town vehicles to finding a new building inspector.

Public Works Director Jim Lavacchia said there are “some surplus vehicles” stored behind the town barn, and he would like to dispose of them.

“I’d like to clean up the area back there,” he said.

He didn’t think any of them were worth very much, and he would inform potential buyers of the problems with them.

He also needs part-time summer help, people to work in the cemeteries and parks.

Both the vehicles and the positions will be advertised. Town employees will be given the first chance for the extra time.

Lavacchia said he had received bids for a replacement for the old Mack truck, as approved at town meeting. The board approved a seven-year lease for a 10-wheel International.

The sprinklers in the town hall still need to be inspected. Fire Chief Jim Cutler will see to it.

Building Inspector John Shepardson’s last day will be April 27. The position was supposed to have been advertised some months ago, but the town administrator didn’t do it.

The currently part-time position calls for someone able to “talk with courts and lawyers on the town’s behalf,” Shepardson said, as well as a knowledge of current building codes.

He will attempt to find somebody to fill in temporarily, but was not hopeful, since several area towns are also looking for new inspectors.

Discussion of access to the County Farm Pauper Cemetery by members of the Heritage Commission was placed on the agenda for April 16, and a proposal by Bean Associates to replace the Stagecoach Road Bridge will be heard on April 23. That company replaced the bridge at Frye’s Measure Mill.