Lyndeborough selectment discuss warrant

LYNDEBOROUGH – The Highway Department’s 2007 John Deere backhoe is in need of repair, but whether the machine should be repaired, replaced with a new one, or replaced with a front-end loader, has not yet been decided.

Road Agent Mark Chase met with the Board of Selectmen on Wednesday, Jan. 2, to discuss that and other highway related items.

Since last meeting with the Highway Advisory Committee, Chase said, the backhoe has developed “some transmission problems” that suggest replacement. “It’s kind of sluggish,” he said, but it is under a regular maintenance program.

If it is to be replaced, he said he preferred exchanging it for a frontend loader, which is not currently recommended by the Committee.

“I’ll go with whatever they decide,” he said.

Asked about the department’s other equipment and the plans for the coming summer, Chase said, with the grader, the other backhoe, and rental of a mini-excavator for specialized work, adding a frontend loader would “cover all anticipated work.”

Rental of the excavator is in the budget he said, “and the grader does the main work.”

A decision will be made at the next meeting, Jan. 16, while Chase gets more information on costs of a Payloder, trade-in values, and other information to be taken to the Budget Committee. After that, a decision will made on a warrant article for Town Meeting.

Chase said he currently dealing with potholes on New Road and there is a problem with a culvert on Mountain Road, near French Road, that cannot be dealt with until spring.

There was a collision between a town truck and a pickup truck during a recent ice storm while New Road was being backsanded near Mel’s Circle, Chase said. The front driver’s side was damaged, and insurance has covered the work. The damaged vehicle was “the department’s spare,” he said.

In other business, Selectmen added $12,400 to the 2018 money encumbered for this year, for a total of $233,375. The money will cover engineering costs for a section of Center Road beginning at Brackett’s Cross Road.

Other funds encumbered include a dump truck and screening loam for the cemetery.

The state Forestry Service will look at the Dogwood Reservation sign, said to be deteriorating.

Administrator Russ Boland said he is discussing grants and programs through Eversource for upgrading lighting at all the town’s buildings.

The next regular meeting of the board is 6 p.m., Jan. 16. A special meeting was scheduled for Monday, Jan. 7, to discuss the fire station or other options for emergency services.