Hollis Fire conducts training

HOLLIS – While it looks like a tragedy, this fire was a beneficial event. The Hollis Fire Department recently had the opportunity to use this home as a training aid.

The Wooster Road home was donated to the Fire Department by a developer who plans to use the land to add new homes to the community, and the existing structure didn’t fit into the site plans.

The fire department has been using the site the last few weeks to conduct continuing education for firefighters. Training courses in search and rescue, live internal burns and a full burn were conducted. Thirty members of the department participated, as well as eight new recruits who were able use the exercises conducted at the home as a final exam concluding a year of training. Fire Chief Rick Downes said the weather was less than optimal.

“Fires don’t pick conditions that are ideal for us, so this was as real as you could hope for,” Downes said.

All eight recruits passed the tests.

– Wayne Flanagan